Views from the High Desert

Desert Vision
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Welcome to the home of jj_maccrimmon’s photojournal.

This community will no longer be updated. I strongly encourage visitor to look around, see what you like and journey to the journal of the community's host: jj_maccrimmon.

Desert_Vision will be set for approved posts only and membership may be opened up so that approval isn't required. Comments will be moderated during the transition period on this community.

JJ_Maccrimmon will continue to be screened and maintained as is.

Rules for the Community will change to the following:

* Be civil in posting and commenting. Not everyone has the same opinion or view, but respect those views for what they are.

* Pictures/images will be cropped to approximate 600 x 800 pixel or less.

* If multiple photos are posted, everything after the first image, will be placed behind an LJ-cut.

* Any sexual or non-work safe photos/images or questionable material WILL be placed behind an LJ-cut with a warning ("NSFW").

* Long text or promotional posts (if it fills the screen) should include an LJ-Cut after the first paragraph or image.

Faux Pas Comments including:
Blattant SPAM will not be tolerated. What's that you may ask? Posting a comment about your new community, business, or other subjects is allowed. Posting repeated sales pitches or posting graphic intensive photolinks (which eat massive amounts of bandwidth) will be deleted.

Hate comments of a personal, racial, gender, sexual, or slanderous nature will not be tolerated, period. Neither will be comments containing illegal content or images. On the first offense, you'll recieve a warning and offensive post will be removed. Second offense and user is banned. You moderator is very tolerant, but certain lines should not be crossed.

Please note, ALL photographs posted here are considered protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Permission for reuse (personal, charitable, or commercial) must be obtained from the photographer (and/or model where applicable).