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In a brief resurrection of Desert_Vision

Following the incident last year with Ivan Callias’s animal abuse case, most of the people on my personal friend’s list know I take a very dim view of people who harm animals out of spite and malice. Today I saw an artcle that truly sickened me.

So what kind of sick fucking bastard beats a 6 month old puppy to death with a rock? An Assistant Fire Chief for Los Angeles County

As a former Los Angeles area resident, I keep track of news from the region. This story appalled me. What's worse is the man involved is a public servant and supposed to answer to a higher standard of behavior. I find it highly unlikely that this dog could have "clamped down vice like" on Mr. Johnson's thumb and he would have been able to pry his hands in to break the dog's jaw. Likewise, I'd guess he broke the bone in his hand from wielding the stone that effectively ended the puppy's life. To note this was a 45 pound, 6 month old shepherd mix. After viewing most of the pictures of Karley before and sadly one after incident (it’s on the family website and too graphic for me to post here), I can’t believe that the dog was any manner of vicious brute.

Taken from another website: (my clarifications in italics)
“On Nov 3rd., 2008, Karley (a 6 month old Shepherd-mix) got out of HER yard.(speculation is that the susp. may have let her out of her yard) Karley went directly to another neighbor’ yard. This neighbor started to walk Karley back to her residence when the susp., Glynn Johnson, an Assistant Chief with the LA County Fire Dept. intercepted the neighbor & said that he would take Karley back home. The original neighbor, who later said that he didn't have a good feeling about doing this, agreed to let Johnson take her home. It was in a matter of seconds, that Johnson started beating Karley with his closed fists. When the original neighbor saw this, he ran down his driveway to Johnsons yard to stop the beating. Before he could get there, Johnson was witnessed prying Karley's mouth open. By doing this, he BROKE her jaw. He then grabbed a large rock & started beating Karley over the head with it. The neighbor was able to distract Johnson long enough for the puppy to stumble away & fall into a bush. Karley had the will to live but her injuries were beyond repairable. She was rushed to the Veterinary ER where her parents were given the sad news that Karley needed to be released from her pain & put to sleep.”

From the family’s website:
“Dr. Angela Howard is one of the veterinarians who worked on Karley. She said that the animal was so badly beaten that she had to be put down. "I've never seen a dog come in with that level of head injury", said Dr. Howard. "I've seen pets that were hit by cars and thrown by the car and they suffered fractures to the nose and the skull but I've never seen a case where their head was that badly damaged". Karley suffered a fractured skull, a broken nose, severe brain damage, a broken jaw and lost an eye.

Dr. Sarah Hoggan and her staff at Emergency Veterinarian Specialists had the very sad and unfortunate task of putting an end to Karley’s suffering.

"They were in tears" - says a heartbroken Shelley Toole.”

It doesn’t matter if you live in Los Angeles or Huntsville, this behavior is heinous beyond words. I’d urge folks to repost this and please urge the DA to aggressively pursue prosecution of Mr. Johnson. These are links to the story and some of the news coverage: