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LJ Advisory Board

Ladies and Gentlemen, from May 22nd thru May 29th, 2008 Live Journal is conducting and election for positions on the Live Journal Advisory Board. These individuals will represent their fellow users of Live Journal in helping to shape the direction this amazing community will take in the future. Thanks to the support of my peers (including many from here), I was nominated as one of seventeen candidates from across the millions of Live Journal users to stand in the election.

Please read the positions the candidates stand for and consider the direction that you want this amazing community to head in. This isn't a popularity contest to see who has the most buddies. It matters to what LJ will look like next year and several years down the road. If you value your personal journal or favorite communities, who would you want to help nudge Live Journal in what direction?

You may not think it has anything to do with you, your community or your personal interests. In the months to come, there may be profound changes to embedded advertising, data mining, free speech and much, much more. These things DO affect every community and individual user on Live Journal.

Consider carefully who you vote for but do vote.

I'm asking your support!

My Platform is here: http://jj-maccrimmon.livejournal.com/422077.html

The Election Polling is here: http://community.livejournal.com/lj_election_en/25463.html


Please copy this post or my platform post to your journal. Tell your friends and spread the word. Two individuals are conducting a semi-professional set of campaigns and will take more than 1000 votes to make this race competitive. Thank you for your help!