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In a brief resurrection of Desert_Vision

Following the incident last year with Ivan Callias’s animal abuse case, most of the people on my personal friend’s list know I take a very dim view of people who harm animals out of spite and malice. Today I saw an artcle that truly sickened me.

So what kind of sick fucking bastard beats a 6 month old puppy to death with a rock? An Assistant Fire Chief for Los Angeles County

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LJ Advisory Board

Ladies and Gentlemen, from May 22nd thru May 29th, 2008 Live Journal is conducting and election for positions on the Live Journal Advisory Board. These individuals will represent their fellow users of Live Journal in helping to shape the direction this amazing community will take in the future. Thanks to the support of my peers (including many from here), I was nominated as one of seventeen candidates from across the millions of Live Journal users to stand in the election.

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Closed for Business

Just a reminder folks, this community is closed and there is unlikely to be further posts here. You are welcome to follow my photography at jj_maccrimmon. My friending policy there is clearly noted in both my LJ profile and in the actual journal (top entry).



Today the migration begins

During the day, I'll be migrating photo articles from here to my jj_maccrimmon account.

For those of you who didn't see the previous post here, I'm unlikely to be maintaining this community or posting further. I found it's just too much work to maintain this and my personal account. Photo's will be copied to my personal account that don't appear in their entirety there. Also I would invite anyone not on the friends list on jj_maccrimmon for join me over there. I don't frind back immediately in my personal journal mainly because family and personal info does get posted there. Comment, let me see your character and personality and we'll go from there.

EDIT: Everything from 19 Sep 07 is now on my personal LJ. Too busy to do more. Too sick to my stomach right now to care. Cheers

Invitations and Ruminations

Ch ch ch changes

Greetings folks,

The experiment in using this community as my photo playground has been going on for nearly two months. I have to admit that my evaluation of the work necessary in maintaining two sites has been taxing. I think it's been contribution to my creative rut. While I want to separate my personal and professional life, I'm increasingly not convinced that this is not the answer. At the same time I moved to experiement with this community as my photo hub, I started a similiar experiment on my personal LJ jj_maccrimmon in using filters and friends only personal posts. Filtering and friend's only posts on my personal LJ have proven less troublesome to maintain and also reduces the amount of posts I find I have to make.

Here is what I propose then. Over the next month, I'm going to go back to the posts here that have not appeared fully in my personal LJ. I will copy and repost the photo sets to my LJ and the appropriate back date. After next Monday (3 Dec 07), my primary posts will all go onto my personal LJ. ALL the promises made to filter photo information (especially Non Work Safe images) will be kept on my personal journal.

I would like to invite all of you not currently friended on jj_maccrimmon to join me there. My journal offers built in search functions and more immediate responses to comments on posts. Plus it allows me to better track the number of visitors and page views (which I can't do here). Please forgive me if it seems a bit demented to ask you all to come here and then cease posting here, but given the communities I maintain and anticipated personal changes in my life soon, I think this will be for the best. Again my sincere apologies for any annoyance this may cause.


Nature Photo of the Day

Jeffersonville - 2007
After revisiting Felicia’s northern ‘estate’ there was light enough for one more place, so off we went. Angie badgerphone, and I drove a little ways north and further explored the Jawbone Canyon mine complex. In previous visits there, I’d only viewed the support buildings below the hill the mines were on and never wandered further up to look at the actual mines. Time is taking a heavy toll on the structures here.

Jawbone Canyon Mine

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Nature Photo of the Day

Jeffersonville - 2007

Nature Photo of the Day

Jeffersonville - 2007
My apologies to the community for the delay in posting these images. I’d meant to get them up last Wednesday. Preparations for the US Thanksgiving holiday set me back time wise. I do hope that for those who celebrated the day, it was enjoyable.

Tracy senzaf1ne, Angie badgerphone, and I had lunch then parted ways after a long and interesting visit. On the drive back into the Antelope Valley, Angie and I decided we wanted more, so we took a little side trip to see if Felicia had indeed survived the fire and been using one of her other known haunts. Although we discovered activity, we couldn’t be sure of the nature or timing of it.

Felicia’s Trailer Revisited

All this and the bathroom sink too

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